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Selected Wedding Poems:

The Proposal by: Poetic Soul
As he sits there calculating, preying for the night to have great odds. Sweats dripping from his forehead, collecting on his chin like pouring sobs.

My Only Dream by: Robert Hatfield
To one who is so wonderful You've made my life complete It's drawn from faith and miracle And felt with each heartbeat.

Just Married by: Mary E. Carpio
The sound of wedding bells were heard along the aisle When you put your hand in mine happy hearts began to smile.

Together Forever by: Purity
My darling I now believe in love The sweet love we now share Together forever.

I Will Still Love You Then by: Tami L. Conklin
If the sun should set tomorrow and never again show If the moon should wake tonight and forever glow
When the rivers suddenly run dry And the mourner no longer cries.

My Baby Girl by: PB
I've watched you grow; I've dried your tears. Staying in your shadow, throughout the years, So I could see,
My baby girl Dig in her spurs.

These Two Hearts by: Melissa Powell
Today these two hearts will say I do Today these two hearts will start anew Today the beautiful bride has a penny for good luck, tucked away in her shoe.

Wedding Bells of Spring by: Bonnie Ray
As sure as the tulips bloom in spring Hearts will fall in love, and the wedding bells will ring Love sweet as Angels above.

My Husband by: The Golden Pen
I’ve come to realize how blessed I’ve been, How fortunate, how lucky fate has treated me… For I tell you no queen

Wedding Wishes by: Junie
I wish for you, all the best, On this, your Wedding Day. I pray for Blessing's from above, on each word that you say.

The Wedding Night by: Arif Khudairi
Tonight is the night for which I wait night after night after night and of which I dream again and again and again.

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