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The Wedding Night
by: Arif Khudairi

Tonight is the night for which I wait night after night after night and of which I dream again and again and again.

Within my vision,I see you coming on the back of your white stallion like a knight with a smile on your lips and a flower in your hand.

You take me to your palace in a far fairy land. And everything tonight is white: your stallion,my dress, the tulips and your smile.

I close my eyes in delight when you hold my hand in your hand and whisper in my ear you love me and I am your princess, and you vow to make me your queen,and we will live together happily ever after.

Then I open my eyes like a sun flower,and look at your face with a smile and ask: Am I dreaming? Or is this truly the night that I wait for and of which I dream night after night after night?

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