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Wedding Wishes
by: Junie

I wish for you, all the best,
On this, your Wedding Day.
I pray for Blessing's from above,
on each word that you say.

I pray God showers you with Love
with those Blessing's from above,
That they fall on you like "raindrops",
Each, filled with lasting love.

As you walk through life together,
Clapse each other's hand,
Remember the committment,
that goes with the "wedding band".

Patience, strength, and fortitude,
I wish all of these for you,
They help you "gather memories,"
In the years, you travel through.

Best Wishes, Happy Days, God's Blessings
are sent from our house to yours today,
We send prayers that we may share,
in memories, made by you, on your way.

Have a most WONDERFUL Wedding Day!!

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