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I Will Still Love You Then
by: Tami L. Conklin

If the sun should set tomorrow and never again show
If the moon should wake tonight and forever glow
When the rivers suddenly run dry
And the mourner no longer cries
Until the grass begins to bleed
I can assure you, you will always be my need

Should Alaska do nothing but melt
And should a star fall from Orion's Belt
When the rainbow turns to black and white
When the spring afternoon turns to night
If the clock should stop and freeze in time
I can assure you, you will always be mine

Until the music suddenly doesn't play
And the lost suddenly finds his way
If the mountains should turn to dust
And the seas and oceans turn to rust
Should the geese never again fly
And the bridges' steel posts buckle and tie
I don't know if these will happen or when
But I can assure you, I'll still love you then.

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