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The Proposal
by: Poetic Soul

As he sits there calculating, preying for the night to have great odds.
Sweats dripping from his forehead, collecting on his chin like pouring sobs.

Today will be the day as he thinks this all in fright.
He got the flowers and the candy and that ring he bought about two weeks from this night.

He stares up at the clock she will be here very soon.
While his heart races steadily; panic-stricken hoping he doesn’t look like a loon.

Times ticks ever so closer while the butterflies begin to swim.
Has he planned this all correctly, or was it all done on a whim?

There is not time left to panic as time has quickly ticks on by.
Starts thinking of her answer hoping she’ll love this star lit sky.

One more time over the checklist the whole night must simply flow.
From the great seats in the restaurant to a carriage ride in the snow.

Starts to wonder when to ask her as she gracefully walks thru the door.
All his planning’s out the window cause his one knee prematurely hits the floor.

Her eyes glisten in the moonlight while the tears form from glee.
He takes a second to grab a breath then utters, Will you marry me?

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