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Selected Sympathy Poems:

Little Girl Lost by: Cheryl Carlyle
To a little girl lost so sad, so blue, so true. You were too young to say good bye it's hard for sure. You were a stranger to me. You touched my heart so strong so long.

We Grieve With You by: Leona I. Miller
Your loved one has left this world, And has taken that Heavenly flight, It's supper-time there in Heaven, Where there's no parting nor night.

Sending Heartfelt Condolences by: Hope
Expressing heartfelt sympathy, For the grief you're going though, During your time of sadness, My heart goes out to you.

Goodbye Daddy by: Tonya Bailey
Goodbye my precious Daddy, I love and miss you so; But The Gates of Heaven opened, And it is your time to go.

In Sympathy by: Padmore Agbemabiese
We are born fighters, where birth marks a beginning, the tombstone a destination.

The Life Within by: Lisa L. Turley
To learn that you are pregnant, carrying a new life within the womb, is one of the most exciting things, that each mother will be able to endure.

When I Heard He Died by: Eric Persinger
When I heard he died it really hit me hard. I just had to send you this sympathy card. I share your pain and your grief. I know he will visit the heavenly chief.

Lilys in the Field by: Janice Engle
Once at play the lilies danced, among the flowers on the hill, Laughing singing dancing playing, these lilies of the field.

Not Far Away by: Granna
When I have gone before your sight, I won't be far away, Try looking toward heaven, On a bright and sunny day.

Saying Goodbye by: Jim Howell
How can you say goodbye to your best friend, How do say thanks for being faithful to the end, What words or emotions can you try to relay, To say how you are hurting and suffering today?

A Year Ago Today by: Nancy
A Year Ago Today God took you away, A Year ago today God took us apart not only you but also my heart.
A Year Ago today God rasied his mighty hand and took my best friend.

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