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Saying Goodbye
by: Jim Howell

How can you say goodbye to your best friend
How do say thanks for being faithful to the end,
What words or emotions can you try to relay
To say how you are hurting and suffering today?

Can you pour out your feelings thru tear filled eyes
Can you reach out and again hold the one that dies,
Or can you rejoice for you know for sure
That where they are, all is holy and pure?

Holy and pure, what a glorious thought
Something man can not produce nor be bought,
Walk slowly my dear on Heavens bright shore
For soon you will see me as I walk thru the door.

But now it is goodbye, surely "death do we part"
With pangs of grief stabbing into my heart,
I shall endure with God's marvelous grace
Till I reach Heaven and again see your face.

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