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Lilys in the Field
by: Janice Engle

Once at play the lilies danced
among the flowers on the hill
Laughing singing dancing playing
these lilies of the field

As time passed by and seasons passed
the little lilies did not all last
Some grew up without delay
others seemed to fade away

The other lilies were sad and blue
when they did realize
that some of them upon the hill
had laid down their heads and died

So life goes on although their gone
Their fragrance remains still
The beauty of the lilies
who once played on the hill

Don't forget the lilies
who once played on the hill
They've went away with God to stay
They're now a daffodill

Playing in God's garden
in the heaven's up above
With many other lilies
God needed there to love

So dance sweet lovely lilies
and little daffodils
Laugh and sing and dance and play
upon the lovely hill

Because you know sweet flowers
are soon to fade away
But more will grow
this much I know
and none are here to stay

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