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Goodbye Daddy
by: Tonya Bailey

Goodbye my precious Daddy,
I love and miss you so;
But The Gates of Heaven opened,
And it is your time to go.

Your painful battles are over,
It is your time to receive,
The Greatest Gift from God,
Your new life of eternity.

With skies made up of rainbows,
Like the one seen in our dreams;
With endless fountains of love for you,
Like the life you've given me.

An angel now in heaven,
Is what you've gone to be;
Flying above those rainbows,
Watching over me.

I didn't want to see you go,
Your memories will never fade;
Hearts are forever broken;
Especially, all the friends you made.

Goodbye my sweet Daddy,
It's your time to leave this world;
But, I want you to know, what an honor I have,
Being " My Daddy's Little Girl."

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