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Selected Love Poems:

My Love by: Frankie
I cant even begin to explain this feeling you make me feel. when I'm lying in your arms I know no pain,
this can't possibly be real. How could it be after only __ months.

A Promise of Forever Love by: Babymel
Everything that I need to live, is given by the Earth. But what I live for, is given by your sincere Love.

The Ray of Love by: Dipin Mathew
I stay in this darkness, All alone, No one to comfort, no one to share my feelings, When the cold breeze hits my face, My heart freezes with the loneliness.

Your Eyes by: Kat Luvs Marc
If I was drowning in the sea, would you dive right in and save me? If I was falling like a star, would you be right there to catch me?

True Love Not Just Lust by: Kat
Kisses before I fall into a dream, This thing called love, Is even better Than it seems, Someone there when.

Remind Me by: Sahara Sager
Remind me of you, And the things we used to do, Remind me of your laugh, And that one joke and a half.

Sweet Love Calls My Name by: Dannii
My sweet grace how tender your touch upon my skin, O how my heart pounds a second pace, The aching feelings beating within, When I see not that smile upon your face.

No Greater Love by: Jeannie
When you're in love, everything seems so right, while you're asleep, you dream of him at night. You can't think of anything else but him, friends start to wonder why you don't party with them.

Head Over Heels by: Nkem Okotcha
I fell head over heels in love, But I didn’t care a bit, You smiled, Oh you smiled, And that was the end.

Romance Fills the Air by: Hope
Swim in the sunshine, Bathe in a moonlight, Dream with me forever, As our hearts take flight.

The Rose by: Andy Dubach
Some people call you hot, Some people say you're sexy, But I call you beautiful, ‘Cause you’re more than just ‘hot’.

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