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Love & Romance


Sweet Love Calls My Name
by: Dannii

My sweet grace how tender your touch upon my skin,
O how my heart pounds a second pace,
The aching feelings beating within,
When I see not that smile upon your face.

My one desire in the night burns true,
Your lips edging forward to greet mine,
A cold shadow falling over me when I’m not with you,
The beauty I see on your face often shine.

My baby angel how you watch over me as I sleep,
The purring you make while pressed against me,
The longing heartache I often weep,
Is that my angel will not always be.

My princess how I do pine for you,
The minutes feeling like hours passed,
Veins once a deep red but now the oceans blue,
I beg of you don’t leave me I wish for us to last.

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