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Love & Romance


The Ray of Love
by: Dipin Mathew

I stay in this darkness
All alone,
No one to comfort, no one to share my feelings
When the cold breeze hits my face,
My heart freezes with the loneliness.
I search for a piece of love somewhere
On my path, but find sharp thorns everywhere.

O Almighty do you give ears to me?
Why is there no one to give me the warmth of love?
Why are there sharp thorns on my path?
Why does it hurt my heart than my foot?
Have mercy on me, almighty
Is there a piece of love somewhere
In this quick sand?

As I walked my path of misery,
My soul felt the touch of pure love.
Far away I saw a tent
Within the boundary of an oasis
An oasis of my love
I walked closer to find myself a little help
I fell on my knees, darkness surrounded my eyes.

I ran through the darkness in my heart
With fear I covered my face and ran.
I saw a ray of light from above.
When I opened my eyes,
I saw a beauty with love in her eyes
Gazing into my eyes.
Her love cured me,
More then her Medication

She was as the siren of the mountains,
She was as the mermaid in the oceans,
She was as the angels from heaven above,
She was the one Almighty preserved for me.
In her did I find my love,
Beauty among thousands
In whom does my love lay

The power of love blindfolded me,
I could feel warm love all over me.
I was only hers and she mine.
In the lonely desert I felt her love.
When the world despised me
She made me feel special
She made me feel different.

I pray to almighty everyday that
She be only mine forever.
Cause I don’t want to return to the
Lonely desert
My heart haunts me
When giving a mere thought
About my departure.

The last thing on my mind is making her cry
Which brings my existence to an end.
I give my heart to her to fill me with her love
Through her do I see this world
In her do I find my life
She is the one under Almighty
Who rules my life.

Now if God above takes me to paradise,
I will not be disappointed.
Cause I‘ll be glad that
I received a piece of love
From a soul in this world.
When the world despised me.

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