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Love & Romance


A Promise of Forever Love
by: Babymel

Everything that I need to live
is given by the Earth.
But what I live for
is given by your sincere Love.
From the moment I glance
to set my eyes upon you, baby
I felt the rush of love
flowing thru my veins.
But I hid it away because
I'm afraid you'll notice me.

The first time I saw you;
my heart says "I like you!"
As you leave; I realized
I was fallin' in love with you.
And now, we shared exciting
memories together;
It made me feel even more
in love deeper and inner
hope it would take us forever
until the time is thru.

I don't know how or why
things happen to be like this....
All I know is I need you
entire my whole existence.
You are the ray of hope,
inspiring me day to night.
I love you because
you gave me everything.
And so, I take a vow on
A Promise of Forever Love...!!!

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