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Selected Lost Love Poems:

You Are Breaking My Heart by: Kat
Your kisses don't have the same feeling, Your arms aren't doing there job, Your eyes have stopped healing, You are leaving me empty to sob.

Touching Waters by: Dayonile
Our love slips away like a man swept away by death, the love depreciate like clothes, Our Love Blows away like a name written on sand, wash way like dirties from humans body.

I Lost a Special Girl by: Daniel
I lost a special girl I will never get her back I lost a special girl my love for her could never lack I lost a special girl.

I Will Love You Always by: Donna DeLong Matthews
The dreaded time has come to put my love for you away and move on.

Lost and Lonely by: Adebayo Akinloye
Smouldering into ashes of powdery passion, spent sentiments of a stolen, broken heart and a fiery furnace of feelings.

Bitterness by: Mylie
Bitterness is a sad place to be It doesn't do anything for you All it does is cause you to treat others mean in the worst way.

Soul Searching by: Chuka
For sale one used soul always stored in sheltered conditions highly active with some stubbornness seen little transgressions.

Did You Forget? by: Shelly Ann Johnston
Did you forget I need you? Because I can't find my way I built my world around you I don't know how to live this way.

Farewell Brown Eyes by: Lisa Erawoc
I thought you cared when you said I was beautiful I thought you cared when we kissed for the first time
I thought you cared when we made love I know you did not make me any promises.

Not There by: Becky Ward
I cry out for you, but you do not hear. I reach for you, and find you not there. I whisper your name.

A Broken Heart by: Gifted Precious
Look into my eyes and tell me... what do you see? A key to your heart That is broken apart.

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