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Selected Funny Poems:

Bald is Beautiful by: Bob Hinshaw
He noticed something curious in photos of past generations, That seemed so rife among the male gender of his relations. All his forebears were hirsute deprived, or bald if you will; If this was an omen of things to come, him it didn't thrill!

Little People by: Anne R. C. Neale
Looking out my window I can see them running and laughing, Little people kicking a ball upon the green grass, No cares, no worries, just lots of time to have a lot of fun, They're growing up daily every sun, so fast.

The Truth About Hugs by: Perilous Pauline
A hug is such a funny thing and yet it feels so good. There so many kinds of hugs if you didn't know you should.

Chocolate Candy by: Anne R. C. Neale
I love chocolate candy, that is true, I eat some candy every day too, I am addicted to it you see, I love to eat it, yes, siree,

Husbands by: Anne R. C. Neale
Why don't husbands help? There is alot of work to do, They don't want to do anything, They leave everything up to you.

The Cleaning Lady by: Anne R. C. Neale
How nice, the cleaning lady is coming today, I must straighten up the house some way, I don't want her to think I don't care, I guess I will go and wipe off all the stairs.

My Joints by: Anne R. C. Neale
My joints help me to move around, Sometimes they " creek " a little sound, But as I'm older now I know, My joints are aching more that's so,

Growing Old Ungracefully by: Bob Hinshaw
Lord have mercy, who is that in the mirror I view? That can't be me with the gray-haired hue! Seems only yesterday I was a jaunty thirty-five; Now I'm reminded I'm nearing seventy-five!

Clowns Love Laughter by: Frederick C. Shank Jr.
Clowns gets laughter With the funniest of look They make our day By just one look

Why Ladies Don't Fish by: Gerald Bosacker
In slimy balls, worms congregate regardless of status or creed. Watch them squirm and undulate fulfilling their passion or need.

The Wisdom of a Hillbilly by: Robert Edgar Burns
I really ain’t no hillbilly. I never say ya’all! But come and see me later, To hear my “souey” call !

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