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Chocolate Candy
by: Anne R. C. Neale

I love chocolate candy, that is true,
I eat some candy every day too,
I am addicted to it you see,
I love to eat it, yes, siree,
I don't eat alot though each day
I don't want more pounds on me to weigh,
But Chocolate candy I love to eat,
"kisses, "Snickers" they are good treats,
"Milky Ways" are good to chew
But too much candy is not good for you,
I eat two pieces at noon at lunch,
Two little ones not a whole bunch,
I love chocolate candy, that is for sure
Chocolate is addictive and I DO NOT want a cure,
I love chocolate candy, and I always will
It gives you energy, and is better than a pill,
I think it is time, my lunch is now over,
I can eat my candy now and be in my "clover."

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