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The Truth About Hugs
by: Perilous Pauline

A hug is such a funny thing
and yet it feels so good.
There so many kinds of hugs
if you didn't know you should.
The best ones are spontaneous
with feelings brimming over.
The warmest come from special
friends, a mother or a lover.
A hug can say so many things
when words are not enough
they can lift your heart, encourage
you when your world is going rough
A hug can say you’re welcome here
we like having you around.
They can make you smile, warm your heart,
yet never make a sound.
A hug can help you celebrate
a victory, in your life.
A simple hug can convey
deepest feelings to your wife.
So if you ever need a way
of expressing feelings true.
Give ‘em a hug and you will see
they often come back to you.

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