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Selected Friendship Poems:

True Friendship by: Dee Lacy
I have found a true friendship in you, I feel I have truly been blessed, You have been with me through good times and bad, and times we were put to the test.

It Matters to Me by: Donna DeLong Matthews
You come to me, with your heart on your sleeve, You say who even cares anyway, Well it matters to me.

Difficult Time by: Ann Marie
I was once like you, Afraid to speak of things that could hurt others, But needed to be said, Unable to break free and be the person I should be.

Hugs for a Friend by: Poetic Soul
Don’t dare you stand there contemplating all your endless fears. Go ahead and rub those weary eyes and dry away all those salty tears. Life still has many more blessings, it’s still a gift from up above. With every precious breath you take remember you’re surrounded by love.

Friendship Blooms by: Mary Carpio
Friendship blooms, in the center of a soul, In time spreads throughout, to make it whole.

Walking With You by: Adebayo Akinloye
imagery of a lone voice, in the jarring symphony, of loneliness in the wilderness, of whirling winds of indifference.

Garden of Friendship by: Rose Marie Streeter
With nourishment and caring, flowers bloom in spring, from tiny seeds once planted, 'tis such a wondrous thing.

Reminisce by: Krista Daugherty
Smiles and tears, sweet memories, Waking up late, catching some Z's, Holding hands through tough days, Friendly bonding in all different ways.

Let My Friends Know by: Jaykayheart
Friendship is a flower, with a variety of colors, Blossoms when love rises, Withers When trust misses.

Friendship Poem by: Mary E. Carpio
Oh what joy it is, to have friends like you, For giving me strength, the way you do.

Comfortable Friend by: Claytia Doran
Our friendship's like a blanket, On a cold winter's night, Or a pair of favorite slippers, That seem to fit just right.

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