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Hugs for a Friend
by: Poetic Soul

Don’t dare you stand there contemplating all your endless fears.
Go ahead and rub those weary eyes and dry away all those salty tears.

Life still has many more blessings, it’s still a gift from up above.
With every precious breath you take remember you’re surrounded by love.

So why worry on top of worry about your troubles that have gone and hit the sky?
I got a little advice for you and it came from this intelligent nice guy.

You shouldn’t sweat the small stuff and all things are considered small.
Go take a walk on heavens wings and trust in me to catch you if you fall.

I'm going to send out a quiet message headed to all of heavens ears.
It’s meant for you, signed with amen and I started it off with dear.

You gained a friend in me and that’s worth more than king Midas’s gold.
It’s that kind of friendship that lives eternal and wont ever grow old.

So I’m giving all of my prayers and birthday wishes happily without hesitation for you.
Keep that smile on that pretty face I don’t want to ever see it blue!

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