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Tips for Christmas Trees

  • Picing out a real Christmas Tree can be fun for the entire family. When picking out a tree make sure it is green throught. If there are brown patches the tree may not survive the holiday season.
  • Make sure you get a sturdy stand to hold your tree and water.
  • Be careful about having an open flame, heaters or hot lights near your tree. This is the main cause of fires.
  • Artifical trees need to be flame resistant as well.

Tips for Ornaments and Lights

  • Decorate from the top down. This will help you reach the top section without messing up your decorations at the bottom. Also, be sure to use a ladder.
  • Don't use real candles near your tree. This will likely cause a fire.
  • Only use indoor lights because they are designed for use on Christmas trees.
  • Do not leave your lights on when not necessary.
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