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Selected Christmas Poems:

Miracle at Christmas Time by: Garrie Donelle
It was the night before Christmas and I didn't know what to do, Because of being such a bad year I couldnt even buy my kids a new pair of shoes, Not a gift in the house had I got

The Star of the Night by: Lisa
The shepherds stood gazing in awe at the Star that night, while watching their flock, all seemed so serene, as it glowed in their sight.

Happy Christmas Mom by: Jossyjo
Mothers have a special meaning, as we celebrate Christmas day, joy fill the mother of Jesus, as she watch him as he lay

Family Christmas by: Lottie Ann Knox
The season has started with a gentle snowfall. Nature's covering up with a blanket of white. Day starts too early as Winter comes to call, Time to cut a fir Christmas tree before night.

His Holy Grace by: Anne R. C. Neale
In the " olden times" they lived in caves, They were very stoic, and very brave, Hay was at a premium too, The sheep needed it to eat and to chew.

A Little White Angel by: Cartoonist
There's a little white Angel, Who sits on top of my tree, She loves to look at everyone, Who comes to visit me.

The Littlest Elf by: Robert L. Hinshaw
Time was running out, Christmas Eve was drawing nigh; The elves had worked day and night since early in July.

Christmas Time by: Brittany
Jingle bells are ringing, It's that time of year, Carolers are singing, With Holiday cheer!!

A Christmas Wish by: Cartoonist
I'm sending you a Christmas Wish, As you celebrate Jesus birthday, I pray that God will richly bless you
In every special way.

A Child is Born by: Mary E. Carpio
A miracle desended to this world, peace has covered all the earth, A Child is born in Bethlehem, joy ascended from His birth

The Colors of Christmas by: Troy Herschel Jackson
Red, white, blue, and green... the colors of lights on the Christmas tree. Silver and gold... garland or beads, also wrapped around the Christmas tree.

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