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Family Christmas
by: Lottie Ann Knox

The season has started with a gentle snowfall.
Nature's covering up with a blanket of white.
Day starts too early as Winter comes to call
Time to cut a fir Christmas tree before night.

Grandma's in the kitchen mixing up gingerbread.
Her spicy tan cookie dough is so ready to bake.
I love icing each man from toe up to his head.
The cookies cool enough. It's time to decorate.

Daddy climbs the ladder to place the star bright
Mama hangs the ornaments upon each branch.
Each hold a fond memory of a past X-mas night.
I want to be like him if given half the chance.

Big sister flings the silver icicles all over the fir.
Grandpa stacks all the logs he's ready to burn.
Baby sis appears entranced as magic occurs.
Family Christmas time, a love lesson to learn .

Mama cradles our new brother against her hip.
It's his very first white Christmas Eve tonight.
His birth was too early. He is our X-mas gift.
Merry Christmas baby. Such a sweet delight.

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