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Miracle at Christmas Time
by: Garrie Donelle

It was the night before Christmas and I didn't know what to do
Because of being such a bad year I couldnt even buy my kids a new pair of shoes
Not a gift in the house had I got
Do I tell my children that Santa Claus forgot
They all were so excited for santa claus to bring them a toy
My littlest told me that he knew he would get something nice cause he had been such a good little boy
So what will I tell them when they wake up and not a gift to be found
Do I tell them Santa claus forgot them while making his rounds
That night as I layed down I cried myself to sleep
Praying for a miracle to happen as i drifted in a sleep so deep
But when I woke up to my surprise
Presents was all under the tree stacked up very high
I don't no how they got there but my boys all knew
Santa claus had came that night and they even got them a new pair of shoes
I don't really know what happened that year but this I can tell you is true
That as long as you believe you will some how make it through

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