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Celebration by: Mary E Carpio
To a that wonderful lady it's a special celebration, Cause you mean so much to us, we're bursting with jubilation.

Mommy's Birthday by: Shyler
For all the years you've held me up, encouraged me through all the bad stuff, I couldn't give enough love.

Merry 50th Grandpa by: Wispywebb
Hey, you're 50 now, As old as can be, Oh you're middle-aged, And can hardly even see,

Happy Birthday Mother by: Joyce Ann Geyer
Your reassuring smile so comforting, Your voice of dignity so peaceful, Your love everlasting so true

Happy Birthday Dad by: Penny Gustafson
Dad, On this special day of yours, I wanted to wish you the best, life has to offer, No not money or a pot of gold.

Happy Birthday Dad by: Linda Hill
How can I thank you Dad, For all you've given me, All the sacrifices made, You thought I didn't see

Happy Birthday To My Mother by: Robert Edgar Burns
Happy Birthday To My Mother. My fathers girlfriend, wife , and lover. Who guided me when I was young. And taught me that life could be fun!

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