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I Am So Glad You Were Created by: Claudia
The day you came to be, The heavens wept with sorrow, The flowers wept for joy, Their tears mingled

Special Day For a Special Lady by: Felipe Aguilar
Today is a special day, It only comes around once a year, Cherish it like there is no tomorrow, Cherrish it while your still here

Happy Birthday My Friend by: Rose Marie Streeter
Another year for toasting, to you my special friend, may your day be perfect, from the start til end

Birthday Greetings to You by: Cheryl Carlyle
Happy Birthday Greetings To you, oh nephew of mine. Happy day of the year. Joys to you this day that is so fine. One year older you are that is clear.

Point of Life by: Elle
I wish you the goodness of life. I wish you the success of being. The total cost of giving, of seeking, of running, and I wish you enough to know life and all its goodness!

Happy Birthday Angel by: Uzoamaka
On that special day, A day an angel was born. That angel grew up, And today reminds me of that day

My Treasure Chest by: Tomi
There are so many treasures, In a lifetime to be sought. A chest filled with true friendship, Is the rarest of the lot.

Angel Clouds by: Anne R. C. Neale
I saw an Angel cloud on my birthday, I haven't seen one in a long time, God's birthday gift to me that I know, It is sent to me from God, the Divine,

Birthday Rhymes and Rhythms by: Cheryl Carlyle
Happy birthday dear one, happy birthday dear one. It is time to have some fun in the bright hot sun. A rhyme, a rhythm a tide of life, Happy birthday dear one, dear friend of mine.

As Years Go By by: Moon
As the years go by, Gravity grabs hold, Before too long, You're getting old

Birthday Surprise by: Mary E Carpio
A birthday surprise, especially for you, It doesn't come in a box, and it's not brand new

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